About Me

It took many years to realize that my body was on my side…

Working with thousands of bodies, as well as my own, I know physical issues and embedded emotions can release out of the body and we can heal into wholeness, creating a personal experience of intricate intimacies and joy that will continue to expand your life and relationships.

My professional Healing Arts practice spans 35 years. I first became certified as a massage therapist in 1981 between my freshman and sophomore years before returning to college to academically explore my lifelong fascination with the relationship between the body and personality, and the body and culture. Through all my studies from Plato to Freud, I continued to reflect on and grapple with my own experience of having a body. In 1985, I graduated with high honors from Wellesley College with an independent major I entitled “Aesthetics of the Human Form.”

Since, I have continued my studies of a multitude of healing arts, even during my 12 years as a jewelry designer (yes, all those Google hits of jewelry are from that past-life), much of which was spent living and working with master Tuareg silversmiths in the Sahara Desert. When my jewelry career crashed and burned in 2008 in New York due to nasty corporate politics and crashing economies, devastated, I went to live and recover in Brazil in John of God’s community. It was there that I returned to my original profession of bodywork, and learned from a client about Constellation Work. As soon as I settled back in Los Angeles, my very first experience of Constellation Work changed my life and my career yet again. I immediately started training as a facilitator myself and also became certified in the sister modality, Walking-In-Your-Shoes™. I personally gained so much healing from Sexological Bodywork that I continued that journey by becoming California State certified in Sexological Bodywork, and a doctoral candidate in the field of Human Sexuality.

I specialize in clearing sexual, emotional and physical pain due to trauma, family lineages and cultural inhibition.

My extensive background in dance, theater, movement meditation, and intuitive practices, blended with a deep love for assisting others, creates the ability to enhance a client’s experience of being in their body, which leads to a more authentic expression of self.

Presently, I facilitate experiential sessions at The Center for Healthy Sex, a clinical treatment center in Los Angeles for sexual addiction and dysfunction, as well as The Hills, a residential and outpatient facility for people struggling with drugs.

My public and private practice melds my unusual and highly effective skill sets to guide any body in and through their shadows, shame and personal restrictions, towards greater light, confidence and freedom.