” This has helped me more than anything in my whole life.”

Emma Arnold, Comedian

“I had the pleasure of working with Ali while I was attending the Center for Healthy Sex in June of 2019. I had just hit rock bottom with alcoholism, drug and sex addiction. I had never heard of Constellation therapy but it was intriguing and I was particularly open to trying anything to get me out of the darkness. I was incredibly vulnerable during my session,  moved to tears for the duration and she guided me through it with compassion and tenderness. The entire session lasted for maybe 20 minutes but the impact will last my lifetime. Certain events that occurred during Ali’s session almost a year ago helped heal a very deep wound that had me bleeding so much shame and fear. I am currently 374 days sober and I have never felt this kind of freedom. There is truth and power in this work. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Alison and I highly recommend taking the chance if it comes your way.”

Stephen M, Musician

I have been in recovery from sex and love addiction for four years and seven months.  I met with Ali when I was in treatment, when I was less than six weeks sober. She, in a feat of intuition, attunement, and intelligence that is both playful and profound, saw what was good and beautiful in me. She is able to perceive beyond what is being said to what needs to be said. Her gifts as a therapist are like nothing else I’ve experienced.  Her work is remarkable and necessary.

Through the creative and metaphorically evocative Constellation Work, I was able to better understand family patterns of dysfunction, addiction, and abuse. But more than this, Ali encouraged me to consider new patterns and ways to bring forth a more hopeful future. She gently drew out the deep love I felt for my children and family and helped me create a new narrative of hope. Her work helped lay a foundation for what my life has become now–abundant, full, lively, connected–something I never thought possible.”

Margy R., Writer


An expertise of mine is getting to the core of the personal and transgenerational trauma behind drug addiction, and destructive sexual behavior and dysfunction. I specialize in using Constellation Work to reveal how the addiction is functioning and identifying alternative healthy resources so that it is no longer needed.

For five years, I facilitated my version of Family Constellation Work most suitable to a clinical environment at the Center for Healthy Sex, and for a year with mostly Opioid addiction at The Hills Treatment Center – both in Los Angeles.

Here is an introductory talk I gave at The Center for Healthy Sex to a group of therapists, explaining some examples of how much can be revealed through this work within minutes of working with clients…

For information about my private sessions and public talks about this work and its effectiveness, please contact me.