Ali is an expert body worker – her skills and techniques are exceptional. I feel she is truly a partner in helping you reach excellence in health & wellness. 

Jon Hamm, actor

Ali’s work has been superb for our clients.

As a luxury hotel, the comfort, safety, and overall guest experience is our highest priority, and Alison has contributed greatly to this goal with her work with our guests. Over the years, we have seen a number of massage therapists at the hotel, and Ali’s work stands well above the rest. Her talents as a therapist and healer are recognized by guests and staff alike to be of the highest quality. She has always been accommodating and flexible with the irregular schedule of out guest requests, and her good-nature and skill have proven to be a wonderful resource for our hotel.

Alison is a person of great integrity and talent, and her work comes with our highest recommendation.

Carl Hubbard - Hotel Manager, Chateau Marmont Hotel

“It is like you know my body better than I do. Like my body is an instrument and you show me a whole new way to play it.”

Laurent Chanez , film director, artist
“Alison’s bodywork is meticulous, careful, present and attentive.

She has a keen intuitive sense about how one part of the body affects another, and sometimes when she is working in one place, there are unexpected and welcome releases at a distance!

I got a bodywork session from Alison a week ago and am still feeing great. Her detailed and meticulous attention to every tight nook and cranny around shoulders, collarbones, hips, spine, legs and ankles left me feeling more open and much freer in my body. I spend too much time studying, sometimes 12 hours at a stretch. Alison’s work to untether my neck from the constant strain of craning forward toward my computer screen was simply the best I have ever encountered. Writers and others who spend too much time in front of their computers would benefit enormously from her finely detailed work with neck and shoulder tension.

I recommend you give yourself the gift of a session with her.

Be ready to luxuriate in the hands of a skilled and experienced practitioner who knows the way to relieve the problem spots that plague so many of us. It is good to be so well cared for. “

Ellen Heed, PhD Holistic Lifestyle Consultant; master anatomy and physiology teacher
“It was amazing work that you did for me and I very much look forward to continuing where we left off. I have been trying to release what you touched on for years and years to no avail before today. I am blessed to have met you!”
Mikal Vega, actor, veteran
“Ali Mezey is one of the most gifted body-mind-spirit facilitators I have ever worked with.

Ali’s work incorporates a deep intuitive gift for assisting her clients to access both emotional and spiritual blockages that can lead to physical and psychological challenges. Her 30 years as a somatic practitioner, her commitment to integrating advanced professional trainings, along with her pursuit of her own very deep emotional clearing work, makes her capable of guiding her clients through some of the most challenging emotional territory. This was immediately evident as soon as I experienced her work. I feel very confident in referring my patients to Ali and always receive excellent feedback regarding her work.”

Mary E. Margrave, Doctor of Chiropractic
“You are the best healer I have ever met.”
Sophie Mas, film producer and founder of Mas Films
“I love the whole world when your hands are on my body. ”
Karen Seeberg, professional clairvoyant & spiritual counselor

“You are a master of your craft.”

Paul Lubicz, elite wellness manager & trainer
Lisa Grezo, producer

Body Therapy

During the past 30 years, working with thousands of people and their bodies, I have developed a highly effective technique and sensibility to feel what is not moving in the body, in minute degrees, and a fluent language to communicate to the body how to get those tissues moving again.

Within a full-body, non-sexual treatment, the whole body as a harmonious system is re-membered, re-constituted, made whole again. This is a distinct difference from many other bodywork modalities that work deeply on parts of the body in any given session but do not integrate those altered parts back into the body-brain’s sensual experience as a whole system; or from massages that feel good while they are happening but do not alleviate or alter underlying pain or problematic patterns.

It is lack of movement that causes pain, injury, decay, inhibition, anxiety, lack of vitality, things not healing properly – so my understanding of how to cue the brain and body in numerous ways to retrieve that movement enables people to feel tremendous relief, freedom, and expansion in many aspects of their lives.

Speaking with hands, subtle strategic movements, and sometimes words, my work is a kinesthetic conversation with flesh, bone, and brain. In this communication, neuro-pathways are re-sensed, re-experienced, restored and one’s body can enjoy the pleasure of feeling whole again.

How do I do this?

I engage proprioception to wake-up the WholeBody by:

  • Reading movement and lack thereof- tension patterns, joint capacities, neurological responsiveness, aliveness/conscious connectedness
  • Working three-dimensionally with keen awareness of how gravity effects tension patterns
  • Putting gravity to work for you – how is it revealing and helping to release tension patterns?
  • Working intricately and globally simultaneously – strategic sequence of covering the whole body in a 90 minute session while also re-patterning, in detail, idiosyncratic compensatory strategies
  • Using neurological triangulation – strategically putting parts of the body in positions so the body can “find” degrees of movement that have gone MIA.
  • Strategically  positioning limbs to cue/wake-up movement for which muscle release is necessary
  • Awakening simple pleasure – one of the greatest inspirations to feel, breath and embody more fully
  • Working expertly to release the crucial, and too often neglected, tension patterns of the armpits and groin
  • Using verbal cuing to bring conscious attention to what can be released only from the inside out (I can’t make the body do it no matter how skilled I am)

All of this work is physically passive for the client but sensually active.

My method optimizes conscious movement, making the body more available for engagement, self-expression, and pleasure.

If you are massage professional interested in learning from me, please contact me for more information.