Constellation Work

Whatever your issue, Constellation Work can help give you a new perspective and healing experience.

It is a brilliant, body-based method to reveal how the unfinished business of your ancestors may be contributing to problems in your life, your family’s lives and those of your children.

Science is now corroborating that trauma is passed through the generations epigenetically. We are each a part of a web of our family system. Each trauma, tragedy, destructive secret, pre-mature death, exclusion, or other significant event like war and domestic violence, that has not been resolved by those to whom they occurred, can become the burden of subsequent generations. Constellation Work identifies and clears those previously hidden loyalties so they no longer need to be carried and lived out in any current difficulties such as with family, romance, finances, career success, creativity or sexual issues.

Embodied and represented by objects, colored mats and/or other participants, you can see and feel your – and your family’s -conscious and subconscious issues safely visible in front of you. Being able to experience your internal dynamics externally diagrammed, portrayed and felt by me and/or other participants with intuitive insight and uncanny accuracy has the power to shift the whole matrix of the issue – past, present and future.
Among the many benefits of this work you can:

  • receive healing insight on health issues and personal traumas
  • shift dysfunctional patterns with loved ones including children or animals
  • disentangle yourself from the origins of your shame, self-punishment and self-sabotage
  • clear ancestral trauma for the benefit of all generations
  • improve your business decisions and creative projects {even gaining insight on how to write characters in your script:-}
  • easily access and develop your intuition and empathic abilities

I facilitate private, one-to-one constellations as well as in groups.
PRIVATE 2-HOUR SESSIONS: $295 plus travel if applicable
PRIVATE 1.5 HOUR SESSIONS: $225 plus travel if applicable
Restore and heal the flow of love, support and success in any area of your life and body!

“Ali is an extraordinarily intuitive, empathic and gifted practitioner. She combines both tenderness and strength to create a very safe and holding therapeutic space where clients can explore and dig deeply. Ali approaches each session with boundless curiosity, offering a number of methods to help clients access their psyches and recognize the powerful roles we each inhabit in our family constellations. I would not hesitate to recommend her and feel confident in her abilities to work with a wide spectrum of issues and difficulties.”
Rory Green, MA, Integrative Arts Therapy Founder of Write To Be You
“I recently did a tabletop Constellation session on Skype with Ali. I have experienced her Constellation Work in groups and already knew that Ali is an incisive, deep, and potently gifted healer, and an astounding Family Constellation facilitator. But I did wonder how on earth this might work over my laptop as I gathered objects from around the house as she had asked me to do. I was still wondering, and feeling dubious, as I started moving some of my small ‘representatives’ around the small patch of table in front of my computer that was visible on her screen. Within minutes, however, of shifting the positions of some key representatives about, suddenly there we were, out of the time line, off the grid and very clearly affecting change in deep waters. It blew my mind. I had been in a dark place of fear and anguish prior to our session and I left it feeling open, free and lighter than I had felt in a long time. It was extremely powerful. I love this woman – she gets straight to the heart of the matter. I cannot give a higher recommendation.”
Justine P , mom, healer
“I was recently privileged to have Ali open the doors of Constellation Work to me, and I have to say it was one of the most effective and profound facilitated insights I have had into my dynamics for quite some time. Throughout the process, facilitated via Skype video, and across the ‘pond’ Ali maintained the ability to connect with me and create a space where I felt entirely open and able to access some deeply personal experiences and feelings. She has a deeply healing soul and a caring that pervades her entire being. This is rare in today’s mindbodyspirit industry where many therapists are subtly insistent that you experience what they think you should experience…! Ali’s ability to encourage empowerment in others and acknowledge your strengths is exceptional. I found the Constellation Work to be a wonderfully physical and symbolic way of relating to my psyche. I highly recommend Ali to those looking to shift their perspective on a situation and gain valuable insights into their own operating system!”
Sarah McAllister, Cotswolds, UK, Director, Feng Shui Agency Ltd

“I’ve had multiple body therapy and constellation sessions with Ali and each time her combined insight, intuition, and experience created transformative ‘a-ha’ moments about me, my life, my story(ies), my body, and my empowerment. What a joy she is, as well, to work with and receive from. Highly recommended in every way.”

Robert Bengtson, Photographer
“Ali’s work incorporates a deep intuitive gift for assisting her clients to access both emotional and spiritual blockages that can lead to physical and emotional challenges. Her 30 years as a somatic practitioner, commitment to consistently integrating further professional trainings, and her pursuit of her own very deep emotional clearing work make her capable of guiding her clients through some of the most challenging emotional territory. This was immediately evident as soon as I experienced her work. I feel very confident in referring my patients to Alison and always receive excellent feedback regarding her work.”
Nancy Greenfield, PhD, Pre and Peri-natal Psychologist

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