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In case you haven’t heard, or already registered, the great opportunity of experiencing world-renowned facilitator, Stephan Hausner, is upon the West Coast again, this year in Seattle, July 6th – 9th, 2017. Last year I had the honor of hosting him in Los Angeles and it was a resounding blessing for all who attended.

Stephan, with his deep background in naturopathy, specializes in working with illness – finding and resolving those unconscious family entanglements that keep an illness functioning, and needed, for the whole family system. To learn more, you can check out his brilliant book: Even If It Costs Me My Life on Amazon:
https://www.amazon.com/Even-Costs-Life-Systemic-Constellations/dp/0415898056/ref=sr_1_1 ie=UTF8&qid=1491844414&sr=8-1&keywords=even+if+it+costs+me+my+life

If you have been grappling with an illness in your own body or a loved one’s body, or want to deepen your skills with working with those who are ill, I cannot recommend Stephan’s workshop enthusiastically enough. I was just speaking with one participant who had a constellation with Stephan and she reported that since her constellation, she no longer has any trace of Diabetes, mysterious skin rashes and has lost 40 pounds.

For more information – and to register – just follow this link:

Hoping to see and constellate with you there!

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