An Exploration of Belonging

Welcome to Freak Among Freaks – a forum to hear and share descriptions, questions, musings, and emotions about our differences hosted by me, Ali Mezey. My purpose is to explore how the very things that alienate and isolate us, in relation to others and within ourselves, can be the very things that bring us together – with kindred souls and ultimately our own soul. Freak Among Freaks is a platform for you to discover that you may be in more good company – and belong – much more than you thought.

I have the hunch that by sharing the experience of how you/we didn’t or don’t feel a sense of belonging – whether to family, community, body or even specie – this podcast will help inspire a new sense of belonging in others.
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And if you feel inspired, please leave us a message at 844-989-1885 about your story of how you are different and how it’s impacted you over the years. Did you feel like a freak (or freak-ish) because of those differences? Do you still? If not, what has changed?

You can leave up to a 5-minute anonymous message.

And if you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please email me at ali@freakamongfreaks.com


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