Sexological Healing

I have something new and precious to share with you…what I have been up to this past year, and truth be told, for the last 40 years of my life.

Sexuality has always been fascinating to me – it is one of my favorite topics of conversation, and ways to explore being alive. It has also been the source of tremendous pain throughout my life. Having devoted myself to healing, learning and transforming my very own tissues and patterns, I know the terrain well. It is now a major focus of my professional work – guiding clients through their sexual shadows and shame to discover and bask in the light shining on the intimate truth of their experience, whatever it may be, allowing it to transform.

For the past three years, I have been facilitating Family Constellation Work at the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles, helping to heal sex addiction and dysfunction by getting to the core of the issue. I am also now certified in Sexological Bodywork, specializing in clearing sexual trauma. Although I am not currently offering hands-on/in work to resolve genital scarring, numbness or dysfunction, I am well-equipped to work with emotional, psychological, cultural and transgenerational wounds that may be inhibiting full sexual expression.

Being in the privileged position of hearing countless women and men tell me their most personal and often painful experience of their sexualities, I know the majority of people are not enjoying the rocking sex life we can so easily think everyone else is.

Whether you are feeling cut off from your body for any number of reasons, rejecting your body, grappling with sexual trauma, wanting to learn how to journey in more detail and delight through your body’s experience or would just love to get your hands on some great resources to enhance your experience of your sexy self, this service has plenty to offer you.

PRIVATE 2-HOUR SESSIONS: $350 plus travel when applicable

These sessions may or may not include draped nudity, non-genital bodywork, Constellation Work, Walking-In-Your-Shoes™ and movement.

I hold the sensitive and intimate nature of this work with profound respect. All content of the sessions, including client identity, are kept in the utmost confidentiality. I also provide or sign NDAs upon request.

“Alison stands out among the large number of students I have personally coached….Her knowledge and confidence with bodywork is exemplary and matched with her knowledge, passion and ability to help anyone seeking to become a positive sexual human being.

Alison displays courage, creativity and compassion with clients that present with extremely complex issues. She is willing and able to find and develop the resources within herself and around her to never shy away from what presents, especially in new and challenging circumstances. I am impressed with Alison’s insight and integrity and when applied, the depth of growth and timeframe within which her clients experience change.”

Charles Living, mid-wife and sexological bodyworker
“Alison has a rare combination of gifts, employing both analysis and intuition. She uses these skillfully in her work across many modalities: as a bodyworker, as a Sexological Bodywoker, in Scar Tissue Remediation, and as a Constellation Work teacher and practitioner.

I have personally experienced that Alison’s talent in bodywork is acute; that she has a keen intuitive sense about how one part of the body affects another. She also sees accurately how subtle interrelationships play out the workings of the psyche. I have had the opportunity to witness Alison at work as she leads her Constellation Work students and clients through profound experiences and insightful awakenings using her considerable perceptual and analytical skills.
I am confident that her work will greatly benefit many who have experienced sexual trauma. Alison has intense desire to work with sexually traumatized women. I agree that there is an urgent need for practitioners with Alison’s skills, insights, and perceptual abilities to free those whose lives and ability to love have been affected by ignorance, cruelty, and sexual violence.”

Ellen Heed, PhD (Cand) Holistic Lifestyle Consultant; master anatomy and physiology teacher