Is your body available for you to fully enjoy all life has to offer?

We rely on, and ARE our bodies every moment, yet many people feel detached, unable to enjoy the delicious details of a vibrant experience.

Let’s face it, bodies are challenging. But they are also our ticket to ride on this beautiful green-blue ball of wonder, and they provide the source of most of our pleasures.

Through my decades of work and training, I can help you live harmoniously with your body, to restore its birthright to feel, play, move, express, merge, expand, and radiate with light. I am a Constellation facilitator and representative, certified body therapist, and somatic-based counselor and educator. For over three decades I have helped thousands of people tap into the healing power of their own biological brilliance.

Perhaps you are in physical pain from an injury, constriction, or misalignment that won’t resolve? Are you suffering from embedded trauma that is blocking your capacity for pleasure? Maybe you hate your body because it doesn’t present you to the world the way you wish it did.

Maybe you are generally detached from your body and can’t feel it much anymore at all? Or do you adore your body, but don’t understand what it is trying to tell you?

You can go the gym regularly, eat well, get massages, have a wonderful partner, learn all the tips and tricks from the (s)experts but if you aren’t embodied, physically and emotionally, how can you fully enjoy it?

Our bodies are untapped reservoirs of intelligence. With safety and compassion, in individual or group sessions, I guide my clients through tender and vulnerable places within the psyche and the tissues. Together we go to the core of any issue where new patterns of freedom and pleasure can unfold.

Through my lifelong background in bodywork, dance, theater, movement meditation, and intuitive practices, I can help you reveal what is held internally and unconsciously. By releasing blocked energy and blind spots you may live more freely, fully, and intentionally as a physical, emotional, and sexual being. You will be able to access greater awareness, ultimately finding your way to congruent self-expression.

I am dedicated and delighted to assist others in living more fully in their bodies to access the intricate wisdom that resides within every one. It is my pleasure to support you and your community in embodying radiant health and enjoying greater freedom.

About Ali

“Ali is a genius, her ability to make the body feel it’s best is second to none. She knows so much about bodywork from the technical to the ethereal and I feel extremely grateful to have her in my life.”

Tania de Rothschild, mom, entrepreneur

“Ali’s bodywork is meticulous, careful, present and attentive. She has a keen intuitive sense about how one part of the body affects another… I recommend you give yourself the gift of a session with her. “

Ellen Heed, PhD (Cand) , (Cand) Holistic Lifestyle Consultant; master anatomy and physiology teacher

“Ali Mezey is one of the most gifted body-mind-spirit facilitators I have ever worked with. Her 30 years as a somatic practitioner, her commitment to integrating advanced professional trainings, along with her pursuit of her own very deep emotional clearing work, makes her capable of guiding her clients through some of the most challenging emotional territory.”

Mary E. Margrave D.C, Doctor of Chiropractic

“Ali has the intelligence, the knowledge, the sensitivity, the experience, the intuition, the heart, the depth, the understanding of the implications, and a very rich human experience from a very strong background, to really be able to hold the space to face every issue that shows up.”

Isabella Buson, Mind Mapping trainer and corporate consultant

“Alison is a great constellation facilitator and she helped me through some difficult rooted believes about myself in our private session. I knew something was stopping me from moving forward in my life but she got to the hidden core of what and why I am attracting “rotten” things into my life. Alison is compassionate and opens her heart up to you so that you can feel safe and be vulnerable with her, and birth into a new way of seeing yourself and your life.”

Nitakumari Patel, artist; Constellation facilitator

“I have had massages all over the world, by at least 100 masseuses, and I have never experienced anyone using their hands the way you do. Your hands are genius!”

Nan Goldin, photographer, creator

“That was the massage I have been waiting 10 years for!”

John Hodgman, comedian, actor, author

“Ali is a very sensitive, intuitive and skilled practitioner. She has a deep understanding of the body, how it holds our life experiences, and how to best guide it through its traumatic imprints so that it may access new freedom and expression, she is extremely gifted in working with sexual challenges. Her loving energy creates so much trust and safety that her clients are able to talk with her about very intimate issues. Anyone who has an opportunity to work with Ali and guided by her healing gifts and skills will emerge with a new sense of themselves and a freer capacity to embody and self-express.”

Nancy Greenfield, MA and Ph.D in clinical psychology, specializing in prenatal and perinatal psychology