The famous Native American proverb translates roughly to: “Save me from criticizing a man until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.”

Walking-In-Your-Shoes™is a technique to experience from the inside out, in a deeply body-based intuitive way, what it would be like to walk as someone or something else, gaining insight through the empathic antennae of our bodies.
Walking-In-Your-Shoes™ is a highly effective body/mind processing technique to access hidden information, transform obstacles, and gain personal empowerment for your life. By tuning into the body’s intuitive wisdom through movement and felt sense tracking and intuition, WIYS helps the client gain deeper understanding about any issue such as a family member, ancestor, relationship, colleague, animal, illness, business project, or sexual issue, with safety and compassion.

In these sessions, I as the Walker am able to intuitively receive through the intricate experience of my own body, the inner experience of who or what I am Walking for you.

Giving my body free-reign, I can describe in detail, both physically and verbally, the insights I am experiencing. I know this might sound kind of “woo” – but whatever it is or isn’t, these insights are predominantly stunning, transformative, and even life-changing.